Chris Grover

Chris Grover


 Chris is the founder of New England Fire Training located in the north east United States.  NEFT began in 2016 and is changing the way firefighters stay proficient in their interior firefighting skills by integrating its philosophy and skills program with its one-of-a- kind training props.  Chris has designed and built two interior training props that are unlike any other training tool on the market.  NEFT uses the realistically designed forcible entry door and incorporates it into the “hogwall” training system to provide firefighters a unique and dynamic training experience.  Using these proprietary firefighter training props NEFT conducts its proficiency programs and teaches its philosophy by giving firefighters an “arena to be great in”. 

 Chris started New England Fire Training with the idea that every firefighter needs the chance to learn and become proficient in their skills in an environment of freedom so they feel confident to complete the mission that matters most in the fire service, the mission to save lives.  At NEFT we believe that repetition creates skill, skill breeds confidence and confidence saves lives.

Chris is a Lieutenant in Manchester, New Hampshire; an old New England mill town that was once the center of the world for textile manufacturing and is currently the largest northern New England city at a population of roughly 115,000. Chris is assigned to Engine Company 9 on Calef Rd which was established  in 1894.  Prior to being promoted to Lieutenant, Chris was a firefighter at Engine and Truck 7 on Somerville St for 16 years.  

Chris was also a firefighter at Pease Air National Guard Base in Portsmouth, New Hampshire for two years.  Starting his career in 1997 and being a call and/or volunteer firefighter in Strafford, East Andover, Bristol and Laconia as well as a career firefighter have given Chris a unique perspective on the fire service.  Instructing at the New Hampshire fire academy has also helped to guide him on his current path with NEFT and drive his passion for inspiring others to love the fire service culture and become better firefighters.  

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