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Thank you for your interest in sponsoring FIRE PRO Expo!
Please email your company logos and marketing materials to

Please Read if Paying by Purchase Order or Check

IMPORTANT: Payment is required in full prior to FIRE PRO making any type of expenditure for item(s) associated with sponsorships. (I.e. pad-folios, signage, bags, etc…)

Paying by Purchase Order:

If you are a Government Agency, Public Organization, Municipality or Private Organization and are limited to purchasing through Purchase Orders (PO) only, this is the option you should choose. Anyone else attempting to use this form of payment must understand that we will not process your registration. 

  1. Please have your Accounting or Purchasing Department generate a PO number for you prior to purchasing your sponsorship(s). 
  2. Once you have your PO number please email a copy of the PO to Please make sure to include the sponsorships(s) you’d like to purchase and your contact information including an email address and your office and cell phone number so we can email an invoice to you. If it does not include these items the PO will not be processed. The email address can be of the person purchasing the sponsorship(s), or it can be the Accounting or Purchasing contact within your organization. Please make sure the PO is signed. 
Paying by Check: 
You can choose this option within the store’s shopping cart to pay by Check.
Checks should be made out to:
Checks should be mailed to: (be sure to write PO number in memo section of check and include a copy of the PO)
PO Box 316
Ivoryton, CT 06442


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